Visitor Maps

Welcome to my mapping application.

I built this mapping application to explore the mapping abilities of Google Maps javascript API and geolocation by IP address. I have had a lot of fun building it and hope that you enjoy it! You should type something into the address bar above, after the .com, and see the new map! Some popular ones are CGOPA, Welcome, Whatever You&20Want. Try it yourself, share your newly created map with your friends!

Putting a map of your website's visitors should be easy.

Now it is. I built this website because I wanted to see how difficult it would be to actually build maps on-demand that would graph visitors in near-realtime to a given page. The oldest half of visitors receive red markers, the next 30% get blue, and the last 20% get green! I then decided to make it possible to embed the maps easily in a different website!

The only thing you need to do to embed these maps in your own website is to modify the following code to your specifics and paste it into your website!

Width: Height: Slug:

Once you have embeded that code into your website, your map will begin to auto populate with your visitors as they visit!

Knowing isn't enough

With traditional analytice, you, the site owner, can know where visits are coming from but I've decided that showing other visitors where visitors are coming is a fun and interesting way to engage your website visitors!

How it Works

While I strive for accuracy, I use third party services to do geo-location for me. I use a rubygem called Geokit to handle mapping an IP address to latitude/longitude before placing it on a map.

Because I didn't want to clutter up the map with a large amount of duplicates, each location (distinct IP address) is only mapped once on any given map. This may change at some point to allow multiple visits to affect the size or color of a marker but I have no intention of putting multiple markers for a given location.